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Pilates History

Joseph Pilates (pronounced “pih- lah -teez”) invented the regimen of pilates while in an internment camp in England during WWI. He was a German-born boxer, gymnast and nurse. During his internship, he rehabilitated injured soldiers in the internment camp by using bed springs for resistance. This was the origin of the Reformer Bed that is a staple of the pilates regimen. Joseph Pilates also invented many other machines using the concept of contraction and release of muscles with spring resistance. Although the name of this technique was originally called Controlology, after his death in the 1960s the name was changed to pilates.

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Pilates Today

Pilates builds stamina, strength, coordination and flexibility. During the exercises, focus is important – this includes breathing techniques and proper form in order to work the body to its full contraction and extension. Trainers will guide you through each exercise.

Exercises are performed on machines with springs of varying gauges. The body works on the machines much as muscles do ­ contracting and releasing, pushing and pulling.

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